SIP trunks, hosted VoIP, and on-premises IP phone systems.Like it or not, Voice over IP (VoIP) is the future. Openreach have said they will be moving to a pure IP network by 2025, and getting rid of all landlines in the process.We understand that contemplating a migration to Voice over IP might be a little daunting, and everyone has heard horror stories from people who have tried.Fear not: properly planned and deployed, Voice over IP services can give you more for less, and improve your ability to do business and support your customers. The key thing is that the whole ecosystem is important, from the broadband/data connection you have, to the networking equipment you use, the quality of the on-site network infrastructure, to the service provider you choose. Everything needs to line up, be suitable, and work together. Problems occur when the above is ignored, for example if a VoIP provider sells you some hosted seats, but doesn’t provide or enquire about the quality of your broadband connection. Cloud-based or on-premises, Utility Options can manage thew hole project, from design to deployment, and provide everything you need for are liable, cost-effective system, from the landline and the broadband, to the network infrastructure and the phones themselves. We ensure that all services and equipment work with each other.Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.