Draytek's new 2620Ln router - affordable broadband failover.

November 6, 2019

For small businesses which do almost everything over the internet, a reliable backup solution is needed now more than ever.

For most of our clients, especially shops or those using our VoIP service, losing their internet connection means losing business. Downtime can cost hundreds or even thousands of pounds, either through lost orders or the inability to take card payments.

Draytek’s new 2620Ln router makes a reliable 4G backup solution more affordable, and a viable, cost-effective option for almost any business.

The router provides a primary broadband connection (ADSL,FTTC, or FTTP), with a backup option which uses the 3G/4G mobile network. This allows businesses to carry on communicating/taking card payments while the main broadband is fixed.

The Draytek 2620Ln is available now for a discounted cost of £199+VAT when purchased with a Utility Options broadband circuit and for existing broadband clients who wish to upgrade.

Broadband connections are available from £15.95 per month,with the backup service costing £8 per month*.

Please note that the Draytek 2620 router only provides two Ethernet network ports (just one if you opt for FTTP), so a network switch may be needed if you have hard-wired devices.

Contact us for more information on router and broadband options for your business.

*Vodafone only at this time. Backup service uses dynamic IP and does not share same static IP as your primary connection.