We supply a full range of broadband products to suit all needs and budgets, and have several providers to choose from. All come with a free wireless router and a free static IP address. Most come with unlimited usage and free activation. Availability is dependent on location. Please get in touch to find out options available and to discuss your requirements.


ADSL broadband is delivered over a normal copper telephone line, with equipment in your local Open reach exchange. Speeds decrease over distance, but start at around 22Mb down and 1.2Mb up. From £15.95 per month(plus line rental).


A sort of ultrafast FTTC. It still uses a copper line from the roadside box, but over short distances (less than 500m), can provide speeds between 100Mb and 300Mb downstream. From £38.95 per month (plus line rental).

Router upgrades

The supplied router is suitable for basic business use. For more advanced needs, we offer a range of upgrades from Draytek and ZyXEL.

Backup Connections

Access to the internet can be critical for many businesses. In some cases it is worth having a backup connection, which can take over if the primary connection goes down for whatever reason. This can take the form of a secondary broadband connection on another line, or a 3G/4G backup over a mobile network. Get in touch to discuss your options.


Fibre To The Cabinet is a fibre/copper hybrid product, although generally marketed as“fibre-optic broadband” by providers (BT call it Superfast Fibre). Fibre optic cables are used up to your local green roadside box, where the relevant equipment is housed, and then a copper phone line brings the service into your premises. Because the equipment is in the roadside box and not at the exchange, speeds are usually much faster than ADSL2+, up to 76Mb down and 19Mb up. Speeds still degrade over distance, due to the copper element. From £26.95 per month(plus line rental).


Fibre To The Premises. The gold standard broadband product, where a fibre-optic cable is brought right into your premises. No copper wires are involved, which ensures increased reliability and no speed degradation over distance from exchange or roadside box. Speeds up to 300Mb can currently be selected, though gigabit (1,000Mb) speeds and more are technically possible with this technology. Please note that no phone line is required or supplied with this product. From £36.95 per month.

Why use Utility Options

Why use Utility Options – first and foremost, we are independent and not tied to any supplier. You will receive a dedicated account manager who will be you point of contact for any query. We are not a huge company and believe that the benefits of this are a more personal service for your business. By phone or email, we are always keen to help.